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KeyPoint Partners Begins 2016 Retail Research Project

Our 2016 retail research project has begun! Our newly-hired team of six research associates will spend the next 3 to 4 months online and on the phone, gathering detailed, first-hand information on retail activity including expansion, contraction, supply, occupancy, demographics, and tenancy trends for nearly 260 million square feet of retail properties and nearly 60,000 retailers and tenants in key markets within our territory - about 45% of the retail space in New England.

This information is the heart of of our unique, proprietary GRIIDTM, a database of retail real estate market information that no one else has – because we built it. We use GRIIDTM data in a host of applications which are of vital use to our clients, and as the basis for our annual KeyPoint Reports on Eastern Massachusetts/Greater Boston; Southern New Hampshire; and Greater Hartford, CT. The latest issues of all our Reports, plus information about GRIIDTM and all our research activities and capabilities can be found here.

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