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Apple Cinemas National Expansion
Client’s Challenge

When Apple Cinemas first came to KeyPoint Partners to talk about a proposed expansion, they had one 10-screen cinema in a Cambridge, MA shopping center, little marketing support, and only preliminary awareness of what it would take to move their brand forward into the national arena. The KPP Tenant Rep and Marketing teams worked with Apple’s owners to refine their site parameters and focus on expansion markets.


KeyPoint Partners’ Response

KPP created marketing decks and other support materials, and greatly enhanced Apple Cinemas’ presence at ICSC tradeshows and its profile within the CRE industry. KPP partnered with CRE data provider RetailSphere to design a powerful custom-built online portal which gives the Apple Cinemas team the ability to quickly assess hundreds of potential sites across the country. KPP secured sites in CT, ME, NH, and RI, including vacant Showcase and Regal Cinema locations, and helped Apple move beyond New England. Today Apple Cinemas operates 13 premium state-of-the-art cinemas with 130+ screens in 6 states, with two more under construction in New York State and California, and 5 total new cinemas projected in 2025. Apple Cinemas’ corporate revenue has grown from $1.5 million to $30+ million.

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