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Bayside Exposition Center
Client’s Challenge

Bayside Expo Center was a 30-year old conference facility on Boston’s waterfront that had once been a major exposition venue, but had recently languished, losing shows to newer facilities downtown. The Center had fallen into general disrepair. It was bought at auction, and very quickly marketed for sale - the new owner hoped to sell the property within a year.


KeyPoint Partners’ Response


Working under serious time constraints, KeyPoint Partners’ (KPP) task was to offset expenses and increase marketability by attracting convention business. Before this could happen, the Center needed a general overhaul, and all mechanical systems needed repairs. The KPP management team initiated a rigorous physical upgrade program, repairing the parking lot and roof, installing new telephone and wireless internet access, bringing fire alarm and life safety systems to code, completing electrical upgrades, and obtaining sign-offs from all relevant municipal inspectors. In a matter of weeks, the property was brought back to show-worthy condition.


KPP engaged an event management firm which brought a series of shows to Bayside including The Home Show, World of Wheels, and The Globe Ski and Snowboard Show, among others. Between expositions, KPP kept revenue flowing by renting the Center as local studio space to Hollywood production companies for films including Grown-ups, The Zookeeper, and Knight and Day with Tom Cruise. Throughout all this, KPP maintained good neighbor status by allowing pro-bono use of the facilities by local non-profits, and maintaining cross-easements with the adjoining hotel. The Center was profitable when it was sold to the University of Massachusetts within the year.

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