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Linear Retail Properties Financing
Client’s Challenge

Linear Retail Properties, LLC (Linear) is a retail real estate operating company focused on the acquisition and management of convenience-oriented retail properties in Greater Boston, Eastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Southern New Hampshire, and Southern Maine.Linear intended to acquire a large number of properties in a very short amount of time. They needed a lender who could respond to the complex needs of their investment structure while keeping the closing process and administration as straightforward as possible.


KeyPoint Partners’ Response


KeyPoint Partners (KPP) worked closely with Linear in order to understand their specific business model and their plan for the use of debt. KPP arranged a $50 million, 12-year revolving line of credit for Linear through a local financial institution. The credit facility provides for acquisition and permanent financing, and has allowed Linear to proceed with their acquisition plan. Today Linear’s acquisitions total well over 50 properties. In addition to financing consultation, KPP provides exclusive leasing and property management services to a sizeable portion of the Linear portfolio.

Linear Retail Properties, Burlington Marketplace, Burlington, MA

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