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Renaissance Park Re-commissioning
Client’s Challenge

Formerly known as Ruggles Center and occupied by the Registry of Motor Vehicles, and now owned by Northeastern University, this 160,000 square foot office building also contains a 250,000 square foot parking garage. The building had been closed after many employees became ill with “sick building” syndrome, due to apparent HVAC and design problems. 


KeyPoint Partners’ Response


Bank of America predecessor Bank Boston put the property under agreement to sell to Northeastern with the condition that it be delivered with a certificate of occupancy, bringing KeyPoint Partners in to oversee remedial work.


KeyPoint Partners management team worked with the state, the city, Bank Boston, and Northeastern to coordinate the $7 million renovation project, secure the certificate of occupancy, commission the new property (renamed Renaissance Park), and coordinate all tenant leasing and move-ins.  


The renovated and reopened Renaissance Park was named Office Building of the Year by BOMA in 2000, on the basis of overall management as well as contributions to the community. KeyPoint Partners provides asset, property, facilities, parking, and construction management to this and several other Northeastern properties.

Renaissance Park Boston, MA image

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