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The Crossings Signage
Client’s Challenge

The Crossings, a retail power center in Newington, New Hampshire, was in need of significant improvements to its signage. After taking over the management and leasing of The Crossings, the KPP Property Management Team initiated immediate landscaping, lighting, and other improvements. The Leasing team negotiated the opening of the first Trader Joes in the area, as well as a new ULTA Beauty and a redesigned Old Navy. The KPP Marketing Team launched a multi-platform marketing program including a website, social media, events and giveaways, and transit, print, radio/TV, and online advertising. The program included a new logo and identity line (see earlier Crossings Success Story). However, current site signage, including directional signs within the center and pylon signs at the entrances, didn’t reflect current tenancy, or the vitality of The Crossing’s new identity.


KeyPoint Partners’ Response

The KPP Team managed an involved, extended design and approval process, working with the Newington Board of Adjustment and Planning Board, which ultimately approved the entire proposed signage package, and granted approval on all variance requests. This included all new interior way-finding signs; a new logo sign on a prominent corner tower in the center; a new lit entrance sign in the median; and a new 40-foot pylon sign including 324 square feet of signage (the old sign was 30 feet high and 198 square feet) and a change from a manual reader board to a 96-square-foot LED message board.


The Crossings now boasts not only the largest retail pylon sign in the town of Newington, but also the first in the area with electronic message centers. Also, because of their efficient, sensitive handling of this process, the KPP team is working with the Newington Town Planner to write new electronic signage contingencies, to be added to the town by-laws as guides for all such signs in the future.

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