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Warwick, RI Spring Flood
Client’s Challenge

After a spring storm caused rivers to rise nearly five feet over their banks, swamping the area’s waste treatment facility, a large swath of Rhode Island was declared a Federal Disaster Area. KeyPoint Partners (KPP) managed Turnpike Plaza in Cranston, one of the worst-hit areas. Over four feet of flood water contaminated with raw sewage swept through the property, damaging all systems including electrical and fire/sprinkler systems. Standing water de-laminated old asbestos floor tiles, releasing asbestos into the air.  The cleanup required instant response and diligent follow-up. Securing the services of a Hazardous Materials vendor as soon as possible was key to a successful cleanup, because local property owners would be clamoring to retain such crews.


KeyPoint Partners’ Response


KPP retained a Hazardous Material vendor even before Warwick was declared a Disaster Area. Floodwaters receded after several days, allowing the crew to begin black-water removal and restoration. Anything not nailed down needed to be decontaminated. All damaged stock at tenant Building 19 was discarded, and drywall was removed and replaced. The building was wrapped and dehumidified to battle mold. The hazardous Materials crew isolated and removed all asbestos. This multi-step process was completed, and a clean bill of health issued by the city, within six weeks from the day of the flood. Throughout the process, KPP worked with both the property’s insurance company and the KPP in-house Construction Management team to oversee the restoration of the property. KPP was able to re-open the effected tenants by early November.

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