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Wayside Commons Intercept Study
Client’s Challenge

Not long after the opening of Wayside Commons, a 196,000 square foot open-air lifestyle retail center in Burlington, Massachusetts, it was clear that an up-to-date, accurate personal, behavioral, and demographic profile of current and potential customers was vital to both the ongoing consumer marketing program and the continued leasing strategy.


KeyPoint Partners’ Response


KeyPoint Partners research team proposed a dedicated on-site customer intercept study. After defining the objectives and parameters of the study, the research team engaged a vendor to execute the study through customer interviews at the center, and present a comprehensive report on the results. The study was instrumental in defining the center’s actual trade area geography and demographics, which was vital to the marketing team in choosing media for promotions. The results were also a key element in refining the leasing strategy and determining potential target tenants.

Wayside Commons LLBean Burlington, MA

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